Noughts and Crosses in clojurescript

Noughts and crosses in clojure and clojurescript.

Java mixins with Spring Introductions

Creating java mixins with Spring introductions.

How to find out which application is listening on a port.

I keep having to look up how to work out what Application is listening on a certain port.

This is useful as it allows you to see if an applications is running on the expect port, and so configured correctly.

Posting it here so I don't have to keep looking it up!

Chocolate Yule Log

This is the Chocolate log we make every year.

Easy Spanish Paella

This is a lot easier to make than a normal paella - just put it all in a pot and shove it in the oven.

Fresh prawns are painful to devein so we just use cooked prawns and heat them through for a couple of minutes.